What does it mean to be a member of ACWAY?

ACWAY brings together young peace-builders from communities around the world. Being an ACWAY member means that you are eligible for many amazing opportunities to develop yourself, travel the world, and upgrade your knowledge and skills through various training and events. As an ACWAY member you will have an opportunity:

  • connect with vibrant youth-led community of interfaith leaders around the world
  • to be invited to regional and international Forums and become an ACWAY Fellow
  • advance your knowledge in different topics such as Project Planning and presentation, Interreligious issues, Interfaith Dialogue, Peacemaking skills, and Funding Opportunities through participating in online trainings and ACWAY webinars
  • represent your religion and country as an advocate of coexistence and religious harmony by conducting interfaith and intercultural activities
  • elevate your professional profile by having your activities featured of the ACWAY site
  • contribute to the interfaith debate by posting articles and commentaries on the ACWAY blog

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Why do we need this information? When we have forums, events, and conferences, you may be selected to attend (on behalf of ACWAY or your organization), and so this information will be useful to speed up the selection process to allow us to get a demographic spread.

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