G20 Youth Interfaith Forum 2021
Bologna, Italy 
11-12 September 2021


The G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) seeks global solutions by collaborating with religious thought leaders and political representatives. It builds on vital roles that religious institutions and beliefs play in world affairs, reflecting a rich diversity of institutions, ideas, and values. 

This year ACWAY, as the global youth partner to IF20, is organising the G20 Youth Interfaith Forum (YIF20) in Bologna. The Forum will be co-hosted by FSCIRE in partnership with the G20 Interfaith Forum Association, and in collaboration with several partners including The Stirling Foundation, We the World, KAICIID Dialogue Centre, Religions for Peace, United Religions Initiative and The Parliament of the World’s Religions.

The YIF20 theme for this year is “Interfaith as Activism, Dialogue as Healing”. Through this youth-focused forum, ACWAY hopes to continue creating spaces for interfaith practitioners to come together to share ideas, experiences and opportunities to engage in promoting peace, understanding and solidarity among diverse faith and philosophical communities. We firmly believe that at crucial times like these, we must rally together to support each other and reflect, both in spirit and in action.

The main objectives of the G20 Youth Interfaith Forum are to:

  1. Develop a growing network of international interfaith practitioners who are equipped to deliver multicultural and interfaith activities in their own communities;
  2. Learn about and share tools, experiences and examples of how young people put interfaith dialogue and peacebuilding into practice;
  3. Deliver a skill-based, outcomes-driven programme that allows participants to contextualize their work and collaborate across contexts;
  4. Facilitate and establish collaborative processes between grassroots and international interfaith youth organizations; and
  5. Prepare attendees to engage effectively and strategically within the G20 Interfaith Forum framework and beyond.

Having in mind the aforementioned objectives, the following are proposed topics to be addressed at the Forum: presentations of multicultural activities implemented by young people in their respective communities, challenges in the interfaith movement, multiculturalism advocacy, social innovation/entrepreneurship, project planning, monitoring and evaluating social activities, financial literacy (effective budgeting and fundraising for nonprofits), as well as social and intercultural activities.

Forum Details

Duration: YIF is a 2 day programme.

Dates: 11-12 September 2021, as a prelude to the main G20 Interfaith Forum (12th-14th September). All participants of the YIF20 will automatically attend the main Forum. Participants are expected to arrive on the 10th of September and depart on the 15th of September.

Applications: ACWAY will be sharing more information about eligibility criteria, nomination and application process shortly. Please keep an eye on our website for updates.

Format: YIF20 is expected to take place in-person with various workshop-style sessions over the course of the two days. All covid-19 protocols will be observed. YIF20 will be conducted in English.

Cost: Travel, accommodation and the participation fee will be covered for selected participants. Please note that visa, travel & health insurance and quarantine period costs (if needed) are not covered.


A Common Word Among the Youth is a global youth movement that brings together young people from a multitude of backgrounds to increase understanding of different cultures and faiths, promote peace and coexistence, by delivering local community activities. Since its launch in December 2015, ACWAY fellows have delivered over 200 interfaith and intercultural activities, ranging from educational seminars to peace walks, national conferences and media campaigns. 

ACWAY has organized five forums to date: four in-person international forums in Morocco, Australia, Sudan, and Azerbaijan and one online international forum for the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week in February 2021. ACWAY is also the Global Youth partner to the G20 Interfaith Forum and Chairs the Youth Working Group of the G20IF.

The ACWAY Approach

  1. ACWAY is a youth-led and youth-driven movement of over 180 young people aged 18-35 with a diverse cohort of practitioners from various faiths, traditions and cultures (including secular and non-religious) from over 85 countries.
  2. ACWAY has supported and micro-funded a number of grassroots projects and delivered community activism awards and grants to ACWAY Fellows. 
  3. ACWAY is about ACTION! To date, ACWAY Fellows have delivered over 200 local, national and international activities to promote peace and understanding between different faiths and communities.


Fscire is a research institute specialized in the History of Christianity and other religions. It was established in 1953 first as a library, then as a research institute, and in 1990 was formally recognized as a Foundation by the President of the Italian Republic. As a private foundation, independent from churches and universities, Fscire participates in and promotes cooperation with international research centres and networks. Fscire is the Project Coordinator of ReIReS (Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies) which is funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, and the Team Leader of RESILIENCE (Religious studies infrastructure: tools, experts, connections, and centres).

About the G20 Interfaith Forum

The G20 Interfaith Forum seeks global solutions by collaborating with religious thought leaders and political representatives. It builds on vital roles that religious institutions and beliefs play in world affairs, reflecting a rich diversity of institutions, ideas, and values. The membership includes interfaith and intercultural organizations, religious leaders, scholars, development and humanitarian entities, and business and civil society actors.

Please contact info@acway.org for any questions or additional information.