A global youth movement promoting peace and understanding through local action

We believe that anyone can make a change in their own community, through a single dialogue or service event that brings people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds together. Our values are rooted in collaboration, action, and relationships.

Turning Talk into Action


ACWAY Activities

The promotion of inter-religious and intercultural  harmony for the benefit of the public by:


the public in different religious beliefs and cultures,  conflict resolution methods, and  human rights, gender and environmental perspectives in intercultural and interfaith activism 


promoting knowledge

mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different faiths and cultures 

promoting activities

among young people to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds

To advance in life and help young people through:

Providing support

and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as active citizens.



Charter for Peace

We pledge to combat prejudices and misconceptions that may arise or have arisen within our communities in relation to intercultural and interfaith communication;

We pledge to work for better education and awareness on interfaith and intercultural
coexistence, collaboration and diversity;

We pledge to be responsible leaders within our respective communities, working towards inspiring other youth and encourage more members to join the ACWAY cause; and

We pledge to use all forms of social media and communication in order to convey our
message of peace and coexistence.


ACWAY is a global youth movement that brings together young changemakers from diverse backgrounds who are committed to interfaith action and peacebuilding.

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