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ACWAY Activities

Peace Ride

THE BACKGROUND Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, very recently (1-2 July, 2016) became victim of the worst terrorist attack in the history of its existence. The whole city is still in shock and struggling to cope with the horror of the incident. Now, more than ever,...

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The project DIFFERENT, BUT TOGETHER directed all its efforts to contribute to the best achievement of the main project goal to support citizens of different ethnicities from Gagauzia region from the Republic of Moldova to mobilize by empowering young women and men to...

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A Common Word Among the Youth is a global youth movement which brings together young people from a multitude of backgrounds to increase understanding of different cultures and faiths, promote peace and coexistence, develop skills to help local communities and deliver shared solutions in the form of local action


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ACWAY wishes all Muslims and their loved ones who observe Eid Al-Adha a very meaningful celebration! This year, Eid falls on July 30-31.

Here's one perspective on Eid from ACWAY Fellow Lina Sakina Salim (Muslim, Malaysia):
"In my region of Southeast Asia, Eid Al-Adha is considered the minor Eid between the two Eids that we have (the other is the Eidul Fitr), which is contrary to what is celebrated in other Muslim majority countries. Nevertheless, it is a merry celebration, and families get together and enjoy the day by feasting on the festive food and visiting extended families around us. Eid Al-Adha is known as the Feast of Sacrifice, and I am reminded of the sacrifices of our prophets and predecessors in spreading the message of God to humanity. This year, for the first time, I am officially participating in the Qurban, or the ritual slaughter of a sheep that I have purchased in a village in Indonesia. By doing my Qurban overseas, I am donating all of the meat to the needy there. May Allah accept my deeds and my sacrifice this year.

Included here is a photograph of me celebrating Eid Al-Adha with my family in Singapore two years ago, which reminds me that this year I will not be able to be with my parents due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and a photo of our family gathering to send off my mother-in-law, who was fortunate to go and perform her (hajj) pilgrimage to Mecca last year at this time."

***ACWAY Fellows: If you would be willing to share your perspective in the future on a holiday from your own tradition, please e-mail us at***

Eid mubarak!

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Sharing examples of young people turning up...
tune inUS Embassy and Gen Lab jointly invites you to the online dialogue on - Support your Community: Volunteerism and Social Distancing.

Reg. is mandatory -

Join us online with youth leaders to learn how they are supporting local volunteerism and contributing in their community while maintaining social distancing during COVID-19. Learn how you can help.

Program Date and Time: Thursday, June 25; 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Moderator: Ratul Dev, ED - Gen Lab

Guest Speaker :

• Rawaad Mahyub, CEO at The Humanitarian Forum, Director at A Common Word Among the Youth (ACWAY), United Kingdom

Event Brief:

Youth and their initiatives are playing vital role to combat COVID 19 and its mayhem. Starting from social media to providing basic food supplies they are pivotal along with government and not profit initiatives. At this moment organizations have come forward, providing food, supplies, medical needs and moral supports. Volunteers are working relentlessly to ensure that no family goes hungry. And all these also require social distancing and huge deal of management planning. Youth and Netizens have so far leaded many initiatives keeping social distancing their priority and at the same time many are working on absolute voluntary basis. We are here to learn from youth leaders who are showing us the path during these dark hours. Join us online and learn how to lead in social work and support your community during COVID maintaining social distancing.

To attend, please register here:
Registration deadline: Wednesday, June 24 at 12:00 p.m.

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ACWAY Fellows: Join us this Sunday 7th June for our next ACWAY Fellow Talk focused on fundraising with Irshad Osman!

Please email to RSVP and for the Zoom link.

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Our ACWAY fellow Sibu Szymanowska #TakingtheLead during UN World Interfaith Harmony Week! #UNWIHW ...

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In the context of the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, we are glad to announce one more activity implemented. This time in Madagascar.

Organized by our fellow Tsiry Randrianavelo, the Green Peaceful Weekend gathered 180 people from the ages of 3 to 70. The event focused on an activity called "seed of peace planting". As a consequence of the encounter, 2500 seeds were planted and the participants were trained in medicinal trees identification. The group also engaged in activitites regarding awareness of peace concepts..

#TakingTheLead #UNWIHW

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We are happy to announce one more ACWAY activity to be implemented!

In partnership with the BYU Interfaith Club and UVU Interfaith Student Council, the activity "Better Together Days", organized by our fellow Kjersten Adams, will occur in Utah, United States. Comprised by storytelling, service and dinner, the activity will focus on the learning about the values we share across religions.

The event will take place at the Utah Valley University (at the UVU Reflection Center), on February 19th, 2020, at 6:00 pm.


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ACWAY has implemented a new activity to celebrate UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, in collaboration with MasterPeace Sri Lanka.

The event, entitled "Women Engagement in promoting Social Harmony through Inter Religious Dialogues", was delivered by ACWAY member Nishantha Kumara and counted with 17 women from Buddhist and Islamic communities.

The aim of this encounter was the dialogue about the role of women in promoting social cohesion in their communities. The majority of participants affirmed that this was their first time to engage with other faith communities and expressed the willingness to participate in future related events.

#TakingTheLead #UNWIHW

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We have had a new activity implemented during the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week!

In the context of Cameroon National Youth Week, our fellow Clement Ngueto has organized a dialogue session concerning the importance of this platform to the engement of people in interfaith work.

The event counted with participants from diverse cultures and faiths in Santchou, Cameroon. They had the opportunity to listen to each other and share the values of love and peace.

#TakingTheLead #UNWIHW

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6 months ago

A Common Word Among the Youth

As ACWAY welcomes the week of the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, we want to highlight the amazing projects and activities being conducted by ACWAY Fellows in honor of this week and interfaith engagements.

- Irene Lee | Taiwan | Interfaith Hack-a-thon | 2 February
- Sara Rahim & Izzy Ben Ebrahim| USA & South Africa | Webinar: Engaging Institutions | 2 February
- Elahas Peace | Mexico | Spirituality in Education | 5 February
- Clement Awanfe Ngueto | Cameroon | Dialogue: Listening to Learn | 5 February
- Nishantha Kumara | Sri Lanka | Dialogue: Buddhism & Islam | 5 February
- Kjersten Adams | USA | Interfaith Storytelling | 19 February
- Tsiry Randrianavelo | Madagascar | Green Peaceful Weekend | 22 February
- Sibu Szymanowska | Germany | Intercultural Sharing | 29 February

Good luck to all those running and participating in events during World Interfaith Harmony Week and beyond. We cant wait to see and hear about yout events! #ACWAY2020 #TakingTheLead

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ACWAY is thrilled to participate in United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week taking place the first week of Feb, in conjunction with the launch of its new initiative, ACWAY Fellow Talks, a series of webinar discussions for Fellows to dialogue and build linkages!

Our first Fellow Talk is themed “Engaging Institutions: Leveraging Principles and Practice.” On this call we’ll be hearing from Miriam Quezada, who leads the UN campaign with the worlds oldest interfaith organization, Parliament of the World's Religions. We’ll also be hearing from Sarah Oliver, Global Youth Coordinator at United Religions Initiative, and member of Cape Town Interfaith Initiative, which won 1st place in #UNWIHW in 2019.

We look forward for our fellows to participate in this conversation engaging grassroots and grasstops perspectives in interfaith initiatives, including opportunities for young people in intergenerational spaces.

For ACWAY fellows who would like to participate in this webinar, please email for more info.

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Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 at 2:42am
As United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week ( @wihw) approaches, we want to highlight the amazing projects and activities that are being conducted by ACWAY Fellows in honor of this week and interfaith engagements. Check it out!

#ACWAY #TakingTheLead
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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 at 8:06am
#ACWAY is thrilled to be participating in @UN @wihw with the launch of #ACWAYFellowTalks. Our first webinar will be on Feb 2, featuring youth reps from @InterfaithWorld @uriglobal themed Engaging Institutions: Leveraging Principles and Practice. #ACWAYTakingtheLead #UNWIHW ACWAYProject photo
Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 at 11:46pm
We wish good festivities on Navratri, Durga Puja and Dussehra to those celebrating!

In 2019, Navratri is celebrated between Sept 29th and Oct 8th, while Durga Puja takes place from Oct 4 to Oct 7, followed by the immersion of Durga idols, Dussehra, on Oct 8.
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Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 11:09am
This month ACWAY's icon has tuned pink for a very important reason.

Did you know that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
Religion and breast cancer have more to do with each than you think.

Check our last post on fb to know why: