5 February 2020

  • In the context of Cameroon National Youth Week, ACWAY Fellow, Clement  Ngueto, organized a dialogue session.
  • The dialogue session introduced various groups to the importance of interfaith dialogue/ work in local communities in Africa.
  • The event hosted participants from diverse cultures and faiths in Santchou, Cameroon.
  • Participants learned to actively listen to each other ’s stories and shared values of love and peace.

”During our follow up in the community after the activity was done, I witnessed the relationships of trust from the dialogue session. A peacebuilding and dialogue club has started in the community by the youth, for youth, and mentored by my team.”

– Clement Ngueto, ACWAY Fellow

“People are naturally flexible to connect to others if they are well understood, they will be respected in friendship without any stereotypes”.

– Herve Ewane, participant