31 October 2016

Time frame:
10 meetings, first meeting 5 April 2016

A serious problem in Stockholm is the city’s increasing cultural and spatial segregation, as well as the lack of natural meeting places for young people of different backgrounds. In order to change this, the inter–religious girls’ group aims at bringing together girls from different cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. By means of normative critical and inter–religious methods the aim is on the one hand the empowerment of the girls; on the other hand to break segregation and prejudices by building bridges across different borders.

The project has four major themes. However, inter-religious, normative critical and empowering exercises will be used in all meetings.

Theme 1: Identity
– Introductory meeting with inter-religious exercises
– Intercultural cooking competition – appreciating our differences
Theme 2: Confidence and self-esteem
– Inspiring women from our Holy Books
– Feminist self-defence
– Life’s deep questions
Theme 3: Social responsibility and consciousness
– Volunteer night at shelter
– Lecture with PeaceWorks about racism, courage and intersectionality
Theme 4: My body
– Lecture about body, sex, health, values
– Love yourself as you are
– Closing meeting with picknick