United States


14 September 2019

  • Seekr, launched by our fellow Skyler Oberst, is a mobile service that simplifies the search for a spiritual community by providing a meaningful user experience for those who wish to explore the religious landscape and houses of worship in their area
  • An innovative App addresses the difficulty of finding spiritual resources and exploring the interfaith/interreligious landscape of communities by applying tech solutions.
  • Seekr has been downloaded hundreds of times and our web traffic on a weekly basis is several thousand sessions (average weekly page views: 5920; user sessions: 2178).
  • Using Seekr’s platform, houses of worship are able to more easily find one another and partner on shared community service projects

“I believe that the future of the interfaith movement lies in our generation’s ability to innovate and disrupt current markets and sectors.”.

“I have been blessed with a unique opportunity to apply my interfaith knowledge and training directly to audiences that have never come into contact with this concept. I have been able to show people the importance of interfaith and learned invaluable lessons about leadership, sustainable project management and budgeting/fundraising strategies. These tools are in great demand for many young people who are doing interfaith work. I am excited to have had the chance to learn them and look forward to sharing them with my ACWAY family to help further the work we have to do”. 

 – Skyler Oberst, ACWAY Fellow