Myanmar [Burma]


17 January 2016

Target audience : Young adults between ages 17 and 30 from different religious
backgrounds ( Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and secular and ethnic groups in Mandalay ).

  • Partners : Mandalay Community LUHTU Centre and The Seagull Organization.

    The idea of my project is to become aware of culture and to promote harmony and
    authentic peace in Myanmar, My home country. I sometimes hear arguments from
    people who do not accept religious cultures that are different from their own. This is
    especially true concerning the more visual aspects of other religious cultures. for
    example, the particular foods and clothes that are associated with another culture or
    more obviously another’s worship practices these attitudes could cause conflict in
    Myanmar in the future and so we need to understand and learn from each and every
    person in relation to their religious culture in order to promote peace and harmony.
    There were religious conflicts in so many places in Myanmar in the last three years
    that’s why in these days. people are more sensitive when it comes to religion and
    culture. In the training sections, participants can learn about culture frameworks
    (Knowing about, Knowing how, Knowing why, Knowing oneself) and share their
    own culture. They can discuss what they learn from the others and play cultural
    awareness games to get familiar with one another and to have fun.
    The expectation, therefore, is that participants, after having learned about their own
    culture and others’ cultures, will be better able to accept diversity and the pluralism
    that is required in order to promote tolerance and to live peacefully in the same place.