1 September 2016

Due to the advance of technology and digital communication, the postal industry’s revenue has significantly decreased over the years which resulted to the laying off of postal employees in the Philippines. Additionally, there is a nostalgia for the days when pen-and-paper letter writing was the primary and
perhaps most intimate form of communication. This project aims to make people want to grab a pen and send messages of peace and love through a postcard and see what their family and friends are up to. Postcards will be sent to different places and interested parties may request for postcards for sending out to their friends and families. It also wishes to give support to the postal service which is one of the important and historical institutions in the country.

1. educate the youth about the essence of Peace through letter-writing/ postcards
2. promote positivism among the youth by appreciating the deeds instead of criticizing each other
3. foster love, friendship, and strong family ties
4. bring back the passion for letter writing and sending of postcards despite the existence of modern
means of communications