25 August 2016

The project aimed to bring a new perceptive to the students and encourage dialogue for peace and harmony. It was to promote the recognition by students of value of similarities among multiculturalism and faiths to bring peace and co-existence. Further they were given a chance to devise solutions for peace building in conflict prone areas also the workshop served as an exposure to enlighten their knowledge about the different faiths around the world.
The project took place at City generation Grammar school, Karachi. A two hour workshop included:
 Open ended questions session
 Mistake analysis in the picture
 Card making
 Group discussion

The activities were based on how students handled themselves in the society where they face a huge difference in opinions and cultures. They discussed how their parent’s opinions have taken up their minds to process things in a certain way. They were later asked how they feel to study peace, alliance, tranquility as a part of their curriculum.