1 February 2017

The Campaign: #myfaith is an online campaign where people are encouraged to share on social media a photo depicting what they identify as what they connect with the most/appreciate about their religion, or something that defines their religious beliefs with the hashtag ‘#myfaith’. The beauty of this campaign is that there is no religious definition, so the images you see are being posted by people of every faith. To me, this is an amazing way to relate to those people who cherish similar ideals of their religion as you do about yours and to learn the differences of why others choose to follow a life of faith or no faith. It is a fantastic way of breaking down perceived barriers and connecting on a human level.

Goals: The goal of this campaign is to set aside the differences and appreciate the commonality of religion, the morals, practices and values that are shared across faiths of the world. Another benefit of the campaign is to reduce the taboo of religion among young people, and to work towards a more accepting paradigm across youth.

Evaluation to date: hundreds of likes, comments and shares, tens of countries across the world, multiples of religions expressed! It has taken a completely different form to what I first imagined. At first, I envisioned people sharing one liners about their faith, however this campaign has aided in breaking down boundaries even with me and I have learnt more than I ever thought I would in such a short amount of time. It completely took me by surprise the things I have learnt about each religion. The campaign was turned into an art exhibition and displayed in Germany, and I am currently writing an article about it to be displayed on an interfaith blog.