26 August 2016

People from my community were invited to participate in a whole day activity where they got the chance to grasp what it’s like to live in Palestine. Because of its symbolism, the activity was held at the Syrian-Lebanese club, a place founded by our Arab ancestors who had just arrived in ships to Argentina.
As soon as they arrived, people were asked to write on a card the first thing that came to their minds when they think about Palestine and the Palestinian people. After that, we had a historian talking about the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a specialist of International Relations to clarify the nowadays situation.
The best part came when we projected a video that a Palestinian 21-year old friend that I met in Palestine (Hamza Moghari) sent me for this event. He talked about his life as a young person in Gaza. The objective was to make people listen to a real story, connect them with someone from Palestine, not through a YouTube video, but from someone who wanted to tell them his day-to-day issues.
Later we saw the movie “Omar”. The day ended with a great debate about the conflict itself, how it is related to us and the similarities that we found with their story and ours: when Spanish people came to conquer our lands 500 years ago.