13 June 2016

The peace walk on June 12 th was held in Santchou downtown and Foungouo village (from the Santchou public square through the national road and had a break at the junction of Foungouo village: halfway of 10 km; then the way back the same for 10 km as well). 200 people together with one message #PEACE and sharing values of tolerance, love, compassion and Harmony with Santchou residents along the way of the peace march in the center of the down town and the Foungouo village where we had a break in the junction and attack more than 50 others people coming hear about the objective of the Peace walk.

The aim of our campaign was to promote peace values among the residents of Santchou in Cameroon and help people stay away from hate in the name of religion and loves each other despite the cultural differences and beliefs.