28 August 2016

To bring the “A Global Citizen Affair” Dinner Party Series to life for the Jabari Inspires TV Show, I convened 7 friends and colleagues of varying
nationalities, cultures, and faiths who all currently call Nairobi, Kenya home. Each guest was thoughtfully selected based on his/her ability to share
his/her opinions confidently and intellectually. Additionally, everyone was encouraged to not only bring a culinary dish that reflected their culture or
faith but also dress in traditional cultural attire reflective of their home country. I am proud to say that each guest adhered to the instructions, which
helped to make the activity and taping a success. To curate an authentic and engaging dinner party conversation I pre-prepared 30 questions focused on
topics such as interfaith differences & similarities, cross-cultural stereotypes, and Kenya as a Hub of Global Citizenship. When the episode
originally aired on TVC Kenya on Sunday, August 28, 2016, #JabariInspires trended at #3 on Twitter across Kenya soliciting immensely positive
feedback. Upon the episode’s upload to Youtube.com/TVCKenya, my international audience, including our ACWAY Family, (which had already seen promotional clips on social media) responded positively citing the episode as “powerful” and “awesome work”.
The future of the “A Global Citizen Affair” Dinner Party Series includes continuing to host the event across Nairobi, Kenya and New Orleans, Louisiana (I’ll be in the U.S. from December 2016 – February 2017). My wholehearted intention is to convene and connect more “global citizens” of varying faiths and cultures to dialogue on relevant cross-cultural issues.