5 February 2016

The #InterfaithMix was a meet-up event that was organized in Lagos, Nigeria for a select group of seasoned young professionals to discuss the concept of interfaith harmony in commemoration of the World Interfaith Week which ran from February 1 – 7 2016.

The Interfaith Mix which was on held on Friday, 5th February, 2016 also served as a step-down activity for the ACWAY project which I attended in Rabat, Morocco. The event lasted for about 4 hours and it provided an opportunity to share experiences from the ACWAY Forum and participants were also able to gain new insights on intercultural dialogue/interfaith harmony and also gain new contracts through the networking sessions. There was also an interfaith speed dating exercise as well as Question and answer session. Following participation at the #InterfaithMix, some select participants have also met twice to consider a quarterly event. It is also pertinent to note that approximately 30 participants from 5 different faiths (Christianity, Islam, Eckankar, Buddhist and Agnostic) were in attendance.