31 January 2016

In 2010, I created a blog for political analysis of Argentinean affairs. For we cannot remain thinking only about our corner, my ACWAY project expanded it and developed a new section called “Our world”. From an Argentinean perspective and attractive to Argentinean eyes, I wrote (and write) articles that combine cultural and political aspects from Middle Eastern countries so as to fight stereotypes regards the Arab world. The articles were born from interviews I had with people that shaped my journey through the Middle East and shared their story with me. They have been published in Spanish and English versions. The local media also reproduced some of my articles and interviewed me because of them.

The aim of this project was to develop a new perspective in Latin America about affairs taking place in the Middle East.

This project was thought specifically for Argentinean public: everyday citizens who could now find their way through topics that the media usually doesn´t take into account or only reproduces from powerful western sources. That is why the publications in the blog also sought to help local journalism treat issues taking place in the Middle East with more responsibility by providing new pieces of information. However, versions in English are also available to attract other readers that might feel interested.

After recording interviews with people I met in different countries through the Middle East, I was able to share their voices with my own community. I added things I had seen and made some research on every topic so as to involve the opinion of professionals as well. This allowed my people to engage in the discussion about Middle Eastern culture and fight stereotypes.