19 September 2020

Azizah Syiami (Indonesia) and Lina Sakina (Singapore) initiated a project to bring a new perspective to high school students in Indonesia and encourage dialogue for peace and harmony, also to open their eyes that differences exist out of their current world. The project started from 18-28 January 2016 which is divided into 2 phases. The first phase is cooperation offering from 18-23 January 2016 to schools and continued with project execution from 26-28 January 2016. The objectives of this project are:
1. Increase the critical thinking of students
2. Promote open-minded attitude and culture of “ask and listen” instead of assuming
3. Promote tolerance and acceptance of differences of students
4. Promote the interreligious and intercultural friendship and how some activities
can be done in fun way (travel, penpal, study abroad, etc).

Azizah and Lina managed to visit 3 schools (2 Islamic schools and 1 state school) in Metro,
Lampung, Indonesia to share the knowledge which then divided into some different
activities: Candy Ice Breaking; Introduction to ACWAY; World Outside Your Box;
Perception & Identities; and Introduction to Interfaith. All the activity were delivered in
communicative way, encouraged the students to be active, work together in the group, and
expressing themselves as individuals and part of the group towards peace and harmony.