1 August 2016

Interfaith is a less discussed topic in this country & kind of sensitive to discuss about. Hence we
decided to develop a long term pipeline that will help us to prepare a strong command over the
issue & also will create long term impact on society.
Gen Lab felt that we need to touch all the age scales to make a better understanding & impact on
Interfaith. This requires penetration in all communication methods & channels that trigger change in
thought process in human behaviour.
Our Program included a wide range of activities :
Internal workshop,
Online campaign on interfaith,
Field research & survey among youths & adults,
Interfaith based essay competition among students grading higher secondary,
Interfaith based art competition among school kids,
Round table with youth leaders,
Round table with think tanks & policymakers,
Documentary & interfaith based booklet publication
Nationwide training for youths & young elected political leaders