United States


19 February 2020

  • The activity “Better Together Days” was organized by our fellow Kjersten Adams
  • The event was held  in Utah, United States.
  • The gathering consisted of diverse storytelling, speaking about the idea of service and sharing a light intercultural dinner.
  • The gathering focused on the learning about the values we share across religions.
  • Participants learned each other’s interfaith stories and connected about values we share across religions. We also collectively made 15 blankets and donated them to Helping Hands International to distribute to refugees.


“For me it was important that many participants learned they aren’t alone in their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about interfaith work. They also learned that there is a supportive community for them even if they aren’t part of the dominant religion in the area or if they no longer identify with that religion.”

– Kjersten Adams, ACWAY Fellow