South Korea


30 November 2016

Description of Activity:
 This project has two phases but one key purpose. The one purpose of this project is to encourage greater communication between North Korean refugees and the outside world. The two phases of this project are as follows.

Phase One: Building Trust and Bridges
 Phase one included a fundraising drive for the organization, Teach North Korean Refugees, the purpose of this is in order to build trust and to ensure
that I am able to give back to the organization.
 In short, the organization provides free English language lessons to North Korean refugees.
 The fundraiser was done in the form of a bike ride across Korea. I was asking for $1 for each kilometer I ride. In total, I was hoping to raise $633. I
surpassed this goal and ended up raising $660.
 The funds were used to establish an in house tutoring program with Teach North Korean Refugees.
 Photos are available now.

Phase Two: Communicating To The Outside World
 Phase two is ongoing and involves the North Korean refugees exchanging post-cards with the donors. These postcards will support intercultural
communication by exposing the western society to real North Koreans.
 This is important because, often times, we have a stereotypical view of North Korea that may inhibit our humanitarian response.
 The post-cards will include the ACWAY logo and a short description of the North Korean refugees life and experience.
 This phase will be completed by the end of July and photos will be available then.