Country: Sudan

Venue: Corinthia Hotel

From: 29 July 2017

To: 30 July 2017



The 3nd ACWAY Forum was organised in partnership with the Youth Secretariat of the National Congress Party in Sudan and in cooperation with UNDP, UNFPA, the African Youth Union and the Arab-African Youth Council.

The sessions revolved around those topics which are at the core of our projects: principles of dialogue; dealing with difficult issues; and youth contribution to peace.

There was also an important focus on using social media as “a force for good”, which led to a specific workshop on developing a common narrative against violent extremism, prejudice and religious hatred.


  1. Bring youth and stakeholders together to share ideas, experiences and practical working partnerships
  2. Discuss typical challenges in the relevant sector/theme and possible practical solutions for youth to work on through activities and projects
  3. Complete version 1 of the ACWAY Interfaith Development Goals (IDGs)


The Forum
  • Launched version 1 of the ACWAY Interfaith Development Goals (IDGs). The IDGs will enable us and those working in the sector to capture and measure the impact of interfaith activities as well as contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (click here for more information on the IDGs).
  • Designed and selected the ACWAY Activities Campaign title for the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018