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A Common Word Among the Youth is a global youth movement which brings together young people from a multitude of backgrounds to increase understanding of different cultures and faiths, promote peace and coexistence, develop skills to help local communities and deliver shared solutions in the form of local action


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A Common Word Among the Youth

Want to be part of the largest global youth initiative for interfaith action? Apply now at! A project initiated by Right Start Foundation International in partnership with the KAICIID Dialogue Centre, the World Organisation of the Scout Movement, ISESCO and Georgetown University. WHAT? 'A Common Word Among the Youth’ (ACWAY) is a global initiative that will be led by young people, of different faiths to build bridges of co-existence by means of dialogue and action. The programme is fully funded and includes several training courses, international conferences and civic activities to immerse participants in knowledge and action around cultural and religious diversity. It is expected to be filmed as part of a TV documentary series to be aired on satellite TV for millions of viewers to be inspired and get involved. WHO? 100 young people aged 18-35 will be selected representing over 5 different faiths from 5 continents to be part of a unique global network HOW? If you want to find out more information: visit - where you can also find the application form. WHEN? The deadline for applications/nominations is: 10th June 2015. Successful candidates will be informed on: 10th July 2015. WHERE? The first training programme and conference will be from 4-9th September 2015 in Rabat, Morocco. The Facebook page for the programme is: The Twitter page for the programme is: Apply now and be part of the largest multi-faith youth network working for religious harmony. ACWAY - global collaboration for local action!
A Common Word Among the Youth
A Common Word Among the YouthThursday, July 28th, 2016 at 11:17pm
Win a fully funded spot to Mauritius for the ACWAY 2nd Forum. All expenses will be covered.

Ahead of the second Forum, ACWAY wants to give you the opportunity to join the ACWAY movement and for the world to know that you are an agent of change in your society.

To do this, we are having our Facebook Diversity Campaign (FDC). The campaign will be based on a photo and video contest showcasing inter-faith and intercultural activities.

Entry Requirement:
1) Aged between 18-35 as of 1st January 2016
2) Eligible to travel to Mauritius on the following dates: 2-5th October 2016 with a valid passport
3) Existing ACWAY members (those that attended the 1st Forum in Rabat) can take part in the campaign but are not eligible to win the 1st or 2nd prize
Stage 1:

1. Like the ACWAY Facebook page and follow us on twitter.
b. @ACWAYProject
2. Copy and post this message on your status (Hi friends, I am participating in the ACWAY diversity contest. You can support me when you follow this link and like the ACWAY page). Screenshot the post and send the message to us (via the Facebook page)
3. Send us a Facebook private message with your name and your country. We may assign you an ACWAY mentor within your country. We have ACWAY fellows in over 75 countries. Find out from
We will email you a confirmation message with further instructions.

Stage 2:
1. Implement an ACWAY activity with at least 3 people or partners. Example: an interfaith or intercultural dialogue session. See some examples at
2. Include people from different cultures, religions or beliefs in your activity. (OPTIONAL)
3. Take photos or videos of your activity.
4. Post no more than 3 DIFFERENT photos/videos per day to your timeline and tag us for the period of the campaign 1st-21st August 2016 (for as many days as you want)?. Please tag ACWAY on every post on your timeline.
5. At some point during the campaign (but no later than 21st August 2016) send us a copy of your CV to so we have contact details for you.

• Share the link of the post and ask your friends to vote for you by liking, commenting and re-sharing it.
• Promote your campaign on twitter. Mention ACWAY in all your tweets.

NOTE: You must fulfil all of the above for your entry to be considered.

How to win:
1. Implement an ACWAY activity by 18th August 2016 23.59 GMT.
2. You can start sharing photos and/or videos of your journey leading up to your main ACWAY activity.
3. Share photos and videos of the ACWAY activity before the end of the campaign (21st August 2016 23.59 GMT).
4. Get 150 likes, 100 shares and 50 comments for each post (Invite your friends to like our page. This will help you get the likes quickly. You may copy the link of your post and share on WhatsApp groups. This will drive traffic to your post.

P.S: comments, likes and shares acquired after 24 hours from the time a post goes live will not be considered

• Star prize: Fully funded positions to the 2nd Forum, which will be held in Mauritius. All expenses are covered. (3 places)
• Second prize: Partially funded positions to the 2nd Forum (everything covered, except international flight & visa costs). ( 7 places)
• Consolation prizes for 10 participants.
1. You will become star of the week on the page wherein you will have opportunity to have a Facebook chat or live stream with our 10,000+ fans.
2. An awesome certificate will be presented to the winners in our 2nd Forum in Mauritius (if you are chosen to attend, if not then an e-certificate will be sent to you)*.
3. We will have your photo as our timeline and profile photo for a week.
4. You will become a member of ACWAY (if you are new to ACWAY). This will give you the opportunity to be part of the ACWAY community. A profile will be created for you. Check the community here:

NOTE: ACWAY judges will determine Winners. Only those who meet the required criteria will be selected.

The criteria is based on:
1) the number of likes, shares and comments and then if necessary
2) on the quality of the ACWAY activity such as number of people involved/attended, relevance to the ACWAY theme
a. the ACWAY theme: promoting inter-religious/interfaith/intercultural understanding
b. delivered on a voluntary basis (not part of paid work)

For more information on the ACWAY activities and the 2nd International Forum, visit our page and website. We will be happy to address your queries.

The prizes are on the condition that the ACWAY 2nd Forum goes ahead as planned with our host partners in Mauritius. Right Start Foundation (or its ACWAY project) will not be held responsible should the partners decide to withdraw the funded places and or the event altogether.
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A Common Word Among the Youth
A Common Word Among the YouthThursday, July 28th, 2016 at 4:18am
Do you want to be part of the ACWAY movement? Here is the opportunity. We are happy to share with you the ACWAY Diversity Campaign. Chat with us now if you need further clarification.
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A Common Word Among the Youth
A Common Word Among the YouthThursday, July 28th, 2016 at 12:38am
Hello Friends,

The ACWAY FB diversity campaign will be unveiled today. Get ready for an exiting opportunity.

ACWAY is about action. Are you ready to take action?
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A Common Word Among the Youth
A Common Word Among the YouthFriday, July 22nd, 2016 at 10:58pm
Mauritius is calling.....

ACWAYers will meet in Mauritius this October.
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A Common Word Among the Youth
A Common Word Among the YouthThursday, July 21st, 2016 at 10:29pm
It's Finally here. The ACWAY diversity contest will run for 3 weeks.

Be part of it to win.

Watch this space for contest terms.
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Thursday, July 21st, 2016 at 8:05pm
It's Finally here. The ACWAY diversity contest will run for 3 weeks.
Be part of it to win.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 at 9:22pm
Do you want to be part of the 2nd ACWAY international forum in Mauritius? Visit to be part of it.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 at 4:11am
We're happy to inform you there'll be fully funded spots for the 2nd conference. Visit ACWAYProject photo
Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 at 9:34pm
The 2nd ACWAY international forum will be happening in Mauritius. Like our FB page for more information.