ACWAY Executive Committee
Call for Nominations


ACWAY Executive Committee: Terms of Reference & Call for Nominations

The ACWAY Executive Committee (EC) formally emerged from the planning strategy adopted by ACWAY fellows during the Sudan Forum in 2017, and Azerbaijan Forum in 2019. While ACWAY has historically been a volunteer-based, ACWAY Fellow-led, the “Executive Committee” structure was developed and formalized as a tool to strengthen engagement and effectiveness of our growing network, with a goal to make ACWAY one of the main youth organizations and partners of choice for youth participation and empowerment, particularly in the interfaith sector.

ACWAY Strategy and Key Priorities for 2022-2024:

● A Connected Movement: strengthening both international and internal ACWAY collaboration, as well as efficient knowledge-sharing and management.
● Flexible and Ready to Tackle Social Challenges: amplifying the voices of young people globally and inspiring the movement to tackle key issues affecting young
people and communities worldwide.
● Diverse, Inclusive, and Transparent: Enhancing the core values of equal opportunity, equity, diversity and transparency in all AСWAY processes.

The EC consists of a selected number of ACWAY Fellows who act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Director and commit to the sustainability of the organization by leading or supporting a department within the organization, including operations and programming. Please refer to the organizational structure below for reporting lines (appendix 1).

Current ACWAY Executive Committee roles:

1. Administrative Officer
2. Programs Officer
3. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer
4. Communications Officer
5. Partnerships Officer

Please refer to the detailed descriptions of the roles below. Once selected, the term length of serving on the Executive Committee is 3 years, or as decided on a case by case basis. Selected EC members can re-stand for a 2nd term, with a maximum of two terms (6 years in total).

Overall Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

● Develop, monitor, and advance strategy that aligns with the Mission and Aim of ACWAY
● Ensure that the organization has the leadership needed at both the Executive Committee level and within respective departments
● Ensure effective work of the respective department and report to the Executive Committee and Executive Director
● Direct participation in the organization of ACWAY Forums (online/offline)
● Advice on fundraising activities and annual budget
● Advice on ACWAY annual and strategic planning
● Identify and nominate potential Executive Committee Members to develop a
leadership pipeline
● Attend monthly meetings on a regular basis (frequency can change based on
time of the year)

Key Competencies & Values required:
● Adaptability and Flexibility
● Commitment and Motivation
● Communication
● Integrity
● Planning and Organizing
● Professionalism
● Team work

● Must be a self-starter, and able to work with limited supervision
● Must be an existing ACWAY fellow in good standing
● Comfortable working virtually with an international team
● Fluent in English
● Personal Reference and or nomination required

● Fulfillment of Roles and Responsibilities of a corresponding role
● Availability to attend:
        ○ regular EC meetings once a month (1.5hrs)
        ○ weekly EC meetings 3-4 months before an annual Forum (Please note that during a Forum Planning phase, the EC is mobilized as part of the Forum planning team, including additional ACWAY Fellows).

ACWAY Executive Committee Members can be nominated by the existing members of the Executive Committee, or Executive Director, or through an open call to the fellows
with an established procedure of nomination and selection.

● January 15: Release ACWAY Executive Committee Terms & Nominations
● January 15-February 15: ACWAY Fellows submit nominations
● Feb 15 – February 28: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and scheduled to conduct interviews on a rolling basis
● March 1: Final Executive Committee Announced

During the open call for nominations, interested ACWAY Fellows should contact and submit a Statement of Intent for a specific position, attached
with a CV (containing 2 references), and one letter of recommendation.

Please note that references may be checked, and interviews may be conducted in person or virtually with at least two Executive Committee Members. All final decisions will be made by the Executive Director in final consultation with the staff team and at least one of the Trustees. We welcome all eligible fellows to apply. If you have any questions or comments, you may also email or directly contact an existing Executive Committee member to learn more.

Description of Roles


The Administrative Officer supports the work of the EC committee, is responsible for
internal and external communications, performs a full range of administrative duties,
and acts as a link between all the departments.

Key responsibilities:

● Organization and coordination of regular EC meetings and any internal
communication between the Executive Director and the EC;
● Managing ACWAY membership database;
● Supporting in administrative and logistical aspects of events, programs,
forums, and other activities;
● Email management and external communication (with ACWAY fellows,
partners, collaborators, etc.);
● Prepare annual reports and presentations with statistical data, as
● Updating existing Policies and Procedures as required;
● Creating, updating, and maintaining records and databases;
● Must be able to devote 1-3 hours/week to fulfill the administrative tasks,
with coordinating regular EC meetings once a month (1.5 hrs);
● Must have high attention to detail, respect deadlines, and be proficient in


The Programs Officer oversees in-person Forum programming, as well as designs
opportunities for engagement for fellows in between Forums – such as virtual events,
dialogues, or Activism Grants.

Key responsibilities:

● Develop programming that is relevant and engaging for in-person and
virtual Forums,
● Oversee program management and implementation of ACWAY initiatives
and projects (such as ACWAY Fellow Talk, Activism Grants, UNWIHW);
● Assist with managing existing partnerships and grow the organization’s
network of strategic partners;
● Assist in drafting reports;
● Support programme evaluation;
● Must be able to devote 5-10 hours a month to fulfill relevant tasks, with
coordinating regular EC meetings once a month (1.5 hrs).


The Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Officer provides
methodological and technical support to teams in order to ensure the quality of M&E
tools in projects and programmes.

Key responsibilities:

● Coordinate evaluation process of the activities implemented by ACWAY
● Help prepare and design monitoring tools;
● Responsible for collection and analysis of data related to the activities
implemented by ACWAY fellows;
● Assist in drafting qualitative & quantitative reports for effective program
● Must have high attention to detail, experience in designing and
administering data collection tools, conducting data process & analysis;
● Must be able to devote 2 hrs/week and attend regular EC meetings once a
month (1.5 hrs).


The Marketing Officer is responsible for planning, managing, and implementing all
marketing initiatives and activities with the goal of engaging existing ACWAY fellows
and growing awareness about ACWAY work and mission.

Key responsibilities:

● Work together with the team to update and develop marketing strategy;
● Responsible for planning, implementing and managing ACWAY’s social
media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn;
● Responsible for planning a strategy to engage inside ACWAY’s groups in
Facebook and WhatsApp;
● Produce marketing materials, including quarterly newsletters;
● Work with external designers, developers, printers/service providers and
agencies to meet marketing needs. Provide orientations on possible
marketing products to be delivered by these professionals;
● Preferably have graphic designing skills and experience
● Must be able to devote up to 10 hours a month, with regular EC meetings
once a month (1.5 hrs)


The Partnership Officer sustains relations with existing partners and helps to identify
and develop partnership opportunities that enable ACWAY to effectively fulfill its

Key responsibilities:

● Understand partnership needs and opportunities based on the annual
● Together with the team, lead the development and implementation of the
partnership strategy;
● Developing a general funders and other potential partners landscape;
● Generating leads and opening conversations with the key contacts;
● Representing ACWAY at the meetings and events in order to raise funds;
● Searching for grants and other funding opportunities;
● Creating the proposals and presentations to enable partnership
● Must have excellent communication skills, grant writing experience;
● Must be able to devote 2hrs/week and attend regular EC meetings once a
month (1.5 hrs);

Please contact for any questions or additional information.