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GOAL: to promote recognition by people in Tajikistan of value of cultural variety and to promotion of an active role of population in construction of intercultural dialogue and harmony in local communities, living in RT.
PARTNERS: local NGOs, students, teachers, representatives and leaders of local communities and people who involved in activities.
– Selection of participants for a fact-finding seminar among representatives of local
communities, NGOs, students. Introduction with ACWAY programe.
– to consider intercultural dialogue and intercultural variety as concept and as group process;
– to create conditions for development participants ability in the field of intercultural dialogue;
– to reveal possible directions and strategy of activity of participants for effective construction and promotion of intercultural dialogue at a local level;
– place information on the given project in NGO network of Tajikistan with an appeal to join to the given idea of the activity about intercultural exhibition.
– to create a platform for cultural self-expression and co-authorship;
– distribute an idea about an intercultural exhibition with representatives of all
PROJECT SUMMARY: many ethnic groups live on the territory of RT, in this connection, there is a necessity of strengthening of dialogue between various communities, and also increases of awareness on questions of intercultural dialogue as key element of social unity.
Some people live in the closed local community. In this connection there is a necessity in providing of access to cultures of different communities, people of different nationalities who live at the territory RT, with the purpose of development of tolerance, harmony, simplification in dialogue and understanding, mutual aid, to increase of respect, preservation of values of different communities and overcoming of prejudices.
NOTES: Participants can bring their own contribution to the program, including through the organization of the pass projects, and also distribution of the received knowledge among young and adult people in the local communities and organizations.
Intercultural Exhibition – one of the forms of interethnic and intercultural dialogue. Within the framework of an intercultural exhibition participants can present culture of the community in different ways:
– story, legends, customs telling;
– food, costumes
– story about holidays;
– dances, songs;
– games;
– language teaching;
– cultural event;
– painting and etc.

Intercultural training and exhibition is considered as a basis for application of values of cultural variety in daily life, as means for development of environmental communities by means of those opportunities which are caused by presence of a wide variety of cultures. The program of the project is based on principles and practice of informal education and made with use of the approach focused on trained, with an opportunity of acceptance in attention of needs, interests and experience of participants.





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