Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, very recently (1-2 July, 2016) became victim of the worst terrorist attack in the history of its existence. The whole city is still in shock and struggling to cope with the horror of the incident.

Now, more than ever, the city is in need of a reminder of its values of peace, tolerance and co-existence, which it was built on, and which it would again come together under, to fight the ominous threats of extremism.


To create a campaign to remind the dwellers of the city of these core values, and encourage them to come together one more time, like they have in the past during natural calamities and other struggles, to actively take part in the rebuilding of trust, understanding and goodwill among each other.


Dhaka dwellers.
SEC (Socio Economic Class): Middle-middle and Upper-middle.

[This is the population segment that is the largest in number, and at the same time the most vulnerable to propaganda and misinformation.]


Rickshaw is one of the leading transports in Dhaka. It is particularly popular among the mentioned target group.

So, we created an outdoor campaign involving the rickshaw-pullers who roam around the city all day long and carry passengers. We distributed about 1000 ACWAY branded t-shirts with a carefully crafted message printed on them. The message was printed on the back rather than the front of the t-shirt so that it could be readable to the passenger(s) while sitting on the rickshaw.

The message written on Bengali (the local language) roughly translates to:

“Let’s grow above our differences in religion and race
And come together to make- the world a better place!”


On average, each rickshaw carries 30 passengers a day. So the 1000 rickshaw-pullers with the branded t-shirts take the message forward to about 30,000 people everyday!