Bangladesh is home to people from various different backgrounds, the
majority of them being Muslim. However, the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists,
Christians, Animists, and indigenous minorities that populate this country
had always found a way to live together in harmony. Recently, this diversity
that once made Bangladesh unique has now resulted in feuds between
people from different religious and cultural groups. Growing intolerance and
extremism in the society has put the lives of minorities at great risk. In an
attempt to resolve the biggest issues that taint our peace and bring back
inter-religious harmony in Bangladesh, Anupoma Niloya Troyee, ACWAY
representative from Bangladesh has organized three events: Interfaith
Conference: Dialogue for Peace & Harmony on the 29th and 30th of July,
2016; Essay competition with its award giving ceremony on the 30th of July,
2016; Insight programme on the 31st of July, 2016. The events were
partnered with two of the most prominent universities in Bangladesh for
these events: University of Dhaka and BRAC University. A Common Word
Among the Youth (ACWAY) collaborated with Gen Lab and were supported
by Right Start Foundation International and KAICIID Dialogue Centre.