Time Frame: 5 Months, Feb 2016 to June 2016
Promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue in Turkey
PART 1: Workshops and Trainings
– Interested youth participants (Syrians and Turks between 18-35 years of age from Istanbul) will send in their motivation letter to khadijabindohry@gmail.com. A selected group of about 30 youths (15 from either side) will attend weekend workshops and training on the following topics:
A) Intercultural and Interfaith dialogue: Perceptions and Misperceptions
B) Role of Social Media in highlighting the refugee crisis
C) Identity and Diversity- Who are we?
D) Dialogue for Peace building: Conflict transformation and coexistence
E) The Syrian Refugee Plight- Coverage
F) Challenges faced and Contributions made by Syrian Community
G) Youth Skill Development
Developing a Script
– A particular session will be set aside for the youth who are interested in theater, creative writing, developing a script and role playing.
– Turks and Syrians will come up with a script under the guidance of professional script writers
Role Playing: Theatre play
– Switched Role playing and rehearsals will take place during the weekend afternoons
The Turkish youth will take the characters of the Syrians and Vice versa (Empathy)

As a follow up of the program, the team will help pull off a SYRIAN-TURKISH THEATRE NIGHT
– Upon the completion of the trainings and sessions, the team will help coordinate a Turkish-Syrian theatre event in Istanbul
– The event is set out to present:
1. The theatre play
2. An exhibition of Syrian Art pieces to promote Syrian artists in Istanbul
3. Music performance by a Syrian youth band
4. Traditional Attires: A walk down the History Lane
5. Tradition food showcase
6. Presentations from well founded Organizations that are collaboratively working to promote integration :IHH, Small Projects Istanbul, ICYF-DC, Foreign Women in Istanbul amongst other works