Background: Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in Taiwan. However, not every people know about the origin and the cultural background that enlightened the Buddhist.
Activity summary: In order to promote the spirits of love and peace that lies in the essence of Buddhism, we had a concert and invite all interested people to a tour on to the famous Changhua Grand Buddha, where we discuss the legend of the birth of the Buddhist and meditate.
Goal & obstacles:
1. Introduce more people to the origin of Buddhism.
2. Appreciate the beauty of Buddhism culture
3. And, find inner peace through self-meditation
Date: 2016/8/7
Participant: Local people and interested tourists on Baguashan (Mt. Bagua), over 100 people
Evaluation & achievement: Involve more that a hundred people in the Buddhism concert and have more than 30 people joining the cultural tour. Participants reported that they felt more calm and comfortable after the meditation.