The project DIFFERENT, BUT TOGETHER directed all its efforts to contribute to the best achievement of the main project goal to support citizens of different ethnicities from Gagauzia region from the Republic of Moldova to mobilize by empowering young women and men to get involved in resolving community issues.
During the project implementation, more than 30 youth enhanced their skills through a training program and became socially active and able to mobilize peers in their community. About 30 youth were empowered to become agents of change in acting as members of 3 community action groups in 3 locations. These Community Action Groups  became capable of holding sustainable dialogue with local decision makers. Young boys and girls were actively participating in solving one of the most pressing community issues via 6 community meetings while involving about other 90 community members.
Through 6 CAG meetings local youth was able to promote a development agenda for their community. Raised civic awareness about importance of community participation and active citizenship was achieved through implementation of 3 community voluntary initiatives, with involvement of 126 volunteers. Also, 30 youth from different ethnic background from Vulcanesti, Cazaclia, Gaidar shared their experience at a joint Exhibition entitled “Gagauz Youth Take Action for Change!”.