After a horrendous incident in capital of Bangladesh Dhaka, I am personally shaken up. When I was planning to do a big event on interfaith, people from different faith were getting killed. As time passed, I wanted to let my progress know and also challenged situation that we faced in Dhaka.

Challenges that have come on the way
Present Condition :
Dhaka Café Attack
For the first time in history of Bangladesh it witnessed a tragic attack of such height. It killed reportedly 28 people including 20 foreigners (Italy, Japan, and India) and 2 policemen. International terrorist organization Islamic State claimed sole responsibility for the heinous act. In the month of Ramadan this attack in the name of Islam created panic around the country and the trauma among youth and peaceful citizen which is still prevailing.
20: Hostages killed
13: Hostages rescued
2: Police officers killed
6: Terrorists killed
1: Terrorist in custody
11: Hours of siege
Government took the issue very seriously and started act upon it. Amidst all these chaos ISIS released a video threating Bangladesh and on the day of holy Eid Ul Fitre they attacked on countries largest prayer gathering and attached prayers and police. One of the terrorist was spot shot dead.
**All these incidents and up-rise of radical Islamic terrorism point out one thing. The world needs intercultural understanding and religious interfaith. People here are very frightened to act on it but all of us agreed that now is the time to act and also we need to work on developing our kids so that the next generation remain an active working force towards peace via interfaith.
As promised through our proposal we are heading towards successful activation of youth sessions, essay competition. But due to sudden change in law and order situation we have changed promotional modality and strategizing online activation.
Activity Plan
Through two days camp participants from different backgrounds having diverse faith will have unique chance to know each other, share with one another and build a long lasting friendship which will lead to peace building among different faith and segments. At the heart of peace building is relationship building. A wonderful way to build relationships is through open and sincere communication between diverse faiths and peoples. It is our belief that when we build relationships with others, it is less likely that we will wish them harm rather we are likely to support each other.
2 days long conference with following activities to build strong understanding and long lasting relationship among participants.
• 1.Large and Small group work
• 2.Cultural sharing of art, crafts, and music
• 3.Time for exploration and questions
• 4.Interfaith Dialogue
At the last day there will be a session in presence of media, civil society, prominent religious and cultural leaders to promote interfaith and peace.
We have agreed to partner with Centre for Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Under this pact the center will assist us in program ideation, resource and strategy.
Activity Plan Programs to Commence
June Internal workshop
July Online campaign on interfaith (AV)
July Field research & survey among youths & adults
July Interfaith based essay competition
August-September Booklet Publication
July Round table with youth leaders
July Round table with think tanks & policy makers
July Youth interfaith dialogue session
September-December Nationwide training for youths & young elected political leaders

Budget Allocation (expenditure)
Item Amount (euro)
ACWAY member visit( air fare) 420
Online campaign on interfaith 60
Interfaith awareness AV 120
Youth conference venue 290
Field research & survey among youths & adults 100

*Final expenditure detail can be provided after the conference ends. Will include detail financial report on other costs as well.
Presently we are conducting our essay and art competition in Bangladesh. We have received a good response and reach so far. We partnered with the biggest University in Bangladesh.