What – dynamic classes/sessions with Children (8-11 years-old) from impoverished regions of Brasilia.
Why – to teach them about UN principles and tolerance towards differences
Who – university-level volunteers working with children
When –weekends of the first school semester of 2016
Where – two primary public schools of areas far from the center of the city
How – through dynamic activities, tailor-made for the target group, that seek to teach them without them feeling like they are learning

The aim of this project is to teach kids from the outskirts of Brasilia about the United Nations principles ‐ bringing up topics they might not have gotten in touch with otherwise. In 2016, AMUN kids will complete 11 years of successful stories and discussions about the promotion of human rights and tolerance ‐ includuing, but not limited to, interfaith harmony and intercultural understanding.

Our main objective is to positively impact our community by engaging these children on discussions about the world we live, teaching them to believe in their potential as actors of change and building an individual awarness in a multicultural world. Therefore, we expect results both from the volunteers and from the children.

From the volunteers, we expect them to learn how to pass on ideas related to human rights in a language that is not only appropriate, but also utile for children. We also want to make sure they are aware of the responsibility one has when dealing with children, as their critical sense is not yet fully developed.

From the children, we expect them to put into motion what they learned during the AMUN Kids sessions, incorporating the UN ideals into their daily lives.

For AMUN Kids, we worked in partnership with the School board of the schools in which the project was carried out. Also, for the next semester, we have already secured a partnership with the Secretary of Education of the Government of the Federal District, in which they will offer training for the volunteers, in order to ensure our approach is even more effective and adequate to our target group.