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ACWAY Nusantara Project comes from the plurality in Indonesia and the problem of less open minded society. Indonesia has at least 300 different tribes with different cultures and by the constitution there are five different religions accepted in Indonesia, which are Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddha. This plurality is a two sided sword, in one side it can be great to have a massive tolerance and understanding to work together for the betterment of society, but in the other side the plurality can be harsh if we don’t have basic understanding of acceptance and tolerance.
The second is the power of mindset. Seeing that recently in a very modern and rapid growth world, our youth are still living in a close minded society. The problem with this society is the fewer acceptances of differences and perspective that they have over others which is not based on the fact but their own assumptions toward certain group of people or identities. This is shown by how people identify some group with different appearance (clothes, skin color, and origin) with some identity, which can be negative. This negativity then leads to prejudice and discrimination will definitely be an obstacle for our youth to grow to be a tolerate person. In time they will face a new world outside their comfort zone, they will experience many differences and will be very good to let them aware of this differences and respect it and think of it as something that completing each other, not separating.
Coming from this understanding, Azizah Syiami (Indonesia) and Lina Sakina (Singapore) initiated a project to bring a new perspective to high school students and encourage dialogue for peace and harmony, also to open their eyes that differences exist out of their current world. The project started from 18-28 January 2016 which is divided into 2 phase, first phase is cooperation offering from 18-23 January 2016 to schools and continued with project execution from 26-28 January 2016. The objectives of this project are,
1. Increase the critical thinking of students
2. Promote open minded and culture of “ask and listen” instead of assuming
3. Promote tolerance and acceptance of differences of students
4. Promote the interreligious and intercultural friendship and how some activities can be done in fun way (travel, penpal, study abroad, etc).
Azizah and Lina managed to visit 3 schools (2 Islamic schools and 1 state school) in Metro, Lampung, Indonesia to share the knowledge which then divided into some different activities: Candy Ice Breaking; Introduction to ACWAY; World Outside Your Box; Perception & Identities; and Introduction to Interfaith. All the activity were delivered in communicative way, encouraged the students to be active, work together in the group, and expressing themselves as individual and part of the group towards peace and harmony.
Having chance to share the knowledge turned out to be an experience for Azizah and Lina, we both surprised how some students already think about the future and how they will help their respective community. But changing perspective is not one day process, so we managed to initiate the project to be an eyes-opener and question trigger to make the students being critical toward social situation around them and how to wisely take it as learning.



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