ACWAY Forum 2017 – SUDAN

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ACWAY Forum 2017?

    Global youth forum where we will discuss issues, plan actions and pledge to do interfaith and/or intercultural activity in our respective community while enjoying the capital city of Sudan. The event is sponsored by Youth Secretariat of National Congress Party, Sudan.

  • When is it?
    Programme: July 29-30, 2017
    Arrival: 28/07, or the 27/07 for those coming on long flights (Accommodation, food etc, is covered)
    All those arriving will be met at the airport (even if arriving early) and transported by private bus to an airport lounge.
    Departure: 31/07 & 01/08
    ACWAYers have a choice to stay an extra day on 31st for an organised tourist day visit and all expenses will be covered

  • I am an ACWAY member, how can I apply?
    1. Send scanned passport information page to, CC to with subject ACWAY-(NAME) not later than May 31st, 2017
    2. Fill the form not later than May 31st, 2017
    3. As we have 50 fully funded seats for ACWAY members, priority will go to those who have delivered activity this year (2017)
    4. Final name will be announced on June 11th, 2017
  • I am not an ACWAY member, how can I apply?
    1. Fill the form not later than June 3rd, 2017
      and email your scanned passport information page to with subject NEW-ACWAY-(NAME), but priority is the form.
  • Is there any age limitation?
    Anyone from age 18-40 years old is welcome to apply
  • What is covered?
    For ACWAY members: Flights, Visa and Accommodation
    For new ACWAY member: Visa, Accommodation and 50% flights

    1. How do I apply for the visa?
      Apply normally for the visa as required by the Sudanese Embassy in your country, host of the event will help with the necessary documentation. Visa fee will be reimbursed when you are in Khartoum but any other visa related fee (going to embassy, personal bank account prove) are not covered.
    2. I don’t have Sudanese embassy in my country, what should I do?
      For those without the Sudanese Embassy, your visa will be issued on arrival.
    3. I need travel documents, how can I get it? (flights booking, hotel reservation, endorsement letter from event host)
      By filling the form you can mention specific documents you need for applying visa (invitation letters, etc)
    4. I have an Israeli stamp on my passport, can I still apply?
      Yes, It does not matter where you have been before.
    5. What vaccination do you suggest me to take before coming?
      Please check on Sudanese Embassy website in your country or counsel to your doctor.
    1. Is Khartoum safe?
      Khartoum is very safe city and has no big crimes record. As any big city you should take care of your pocket on public markets.
    2. Is there any cultural appropriation in dressing?
      It is better to have appropriate normal dressing. No special dressing needed.
    3. Who can we contact from host in term of emergency?
      Will be advised upon arrival.
    4. Is it suggested to go around the city by ourselves during free time?
      Yes, within the city centre. Always ask the committee before you go.
    1. Where will we stay?
      Participants will stay in Corinthia Hotel Khartoum
    2. How do we travel from airport to the hotel/venue?
      Organisers will avail pick up and drop from/to the airport.
    3. Can I stay longer at my own expense?
    4. Can I reschedule my flights home?
      Yes, but any changes fees are not covered.
    5. Can the food catering accommodate my dietary needs?(Kosher, Halal, vegan, etc)
      Special dietary should inform early (on the application form) and it will be considered.