29th April 2017, At Al-Wahid Mosque in Milan, Italy
The Parish of San Martino in Greco’s municipality visits Al-Wahid Mosque in Milan
This is one of the project in the frame of Sacrumfacre.org.

INTRODUCTION: We invited the Parish of San Martino in Greco’s to visit Al-Wahid Mosque in Milan. The Imam and President of the Italian COREIS (Religious Islamic Community), Yahya Pallavicini introduced the Catholic hosts into Islam and its sacred space, the Mosque. Al-Wahid Mosque is really a special Mosque, because is mainly attended by Italian people converted to Islam or 2nd and 3rd generation with Italian Muslim origins. This peculiarity can help to overcome the feeling that Islam is something foreign from Italy and from Europe.

Preamble: on 19th March 2016, the Islamic community was welcomed at the parish of San Martino in Greco during a series of meetings dedicated to Patriarch Abraham, Ibrahim in the Qur’an, where the reading of verses and reflections by Imam Yahya Pallavicini alternated with a musical performance of the Sukun Ensemble.
Preparation: Some brothers and sisters of COREIS Muslim youth forestalled the interreligious meeting with an intra-religious one: they studied and discussed as to be prepared to underline the gap between words and acts of authentic Muslim religious leader (reference to The Amman Message – 2004, A Common Word – 2007, Open letter to Al-Baghdadi -2014) and words of false leaders. Then they installed some explanatory panels about that.
Welcoming: The parish of San Martino in Greco, Milan, accompanied by the priest Don Giuliano Savina, visited the Al-Wahid Mosque of Via Giuseppe Meda 9, Milan, directed by imam Yahya Pallavicini, president of the Italian COREIS (Religious Islamic Community). First, they discovered the garden and the external part of the Mosque where there where displayed some educational panels about Islam.
Core session: Imam Yahya Pallavicini introduced them to the sacred space of the Mosque and gave a great insight into Islam as a religion. After this introduction, Catholic believers had the possibility to ask questions and receive from the Imam and from different members of the Muslim community extensive answers about Islam.
Final session: Catholic believers had the possibility to assist to one of our devotional moment, a salat, an Islamic prayer. Final greetings of piece.

Organisers: (see sacrumfacere.org/en/partner-2/)
• IHEI Jeunes
• ACWAY (A Common Word Among Youth)
Sanaa Claudia Pizzuti participated in the coordination both as national director of COREIS Muslim Youth and as ACWAY Ambassador