What – conference to promote intercultural respect through education/role-playing
Why – to tackle certain preconceived and often erroneous ideas participants have about different countries and cultures
Who – university-level volunteers from the University of Brasilia for university students from all over the world (as of now, Chile and the US are confirmed)
When – July 25-29th, 2016
Where – Brasília, Brazil

AMUN is a profit-free organization, composed entirely by volunteers, all of which are undergraduate students in the University of Brasilia. Our main objective is to improve the education in Brazil through the projects we carry out, the main one being the Conference. The objective of the Conference is, for instance, to improve intercultural respect through the role-playing of diplomats on UN organs. We believe the reason there is so much intolerance in the world is the lack of information about those who are seen as different, and through the 19th AMUN, we seek to take people out of their cultural comfort zones, so that they can see that, beyond the superficial differences, our human cores are essentially the same.

On a less pragmatic sense, the 19th AMUN believes that the change begins within us. Having that in mind, AMUN aims to promote the development of the delegates’ capabilities and further the personal growth of each one of them not only during the conference days, but also throughout the delegate’s preparation and preliminary studies. AMUN encourages learning beyond the classroom, thus, the delegates are able to make researches about the themes and are encouraged to pose their opinion about relevant themes for the international agenda, exercising and improving their argumentative skills and critical thinking.

Lastly, AMUN targets the application of the SDGs not only because it is its official document, but also because it seeks to take responsibility for local and global challenges. 19th AMUN intends to continue to encourage sustainable practices among all of its participants once it has a history of environmental awareness. AMUN’s concern about its carbon print and its social impact contributes for our motivation to have many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in mind during our academic discussions and administrative efforts.

As stated, AMUN is not only about the simulation, but is a project that aims for a continuous process of learning and education for all staff. The Secretariat along with the Directors and Junior Directors are responsible to make AMUN happen and, by doing that, we build up abilities and skills that will be further indispensable in every person’s professional life. The staff also learns simultaneously with the delegates by discussing UN principles and relevant themes to the international agenda, which engages them to share experiences and learn from each other.

That being said, our expected results for the Conference are for the participants to come out of AMUN knowing more about the reasons why certain nations act like they do, so that they are able to avoid Manicheism. We also expect them to know that cultural diversity is something to be cherished, and that dialogue (the whole idea of the conference is to dialogue) is necessary in order for peace to prevail and for cultural differences to be respected.

The full list of AMUN Partners can be found on our main page (www.amun.org.br/2016), but I’d like to highlight the following:
– ONU Brazil (Brazilian branch of the UN)
– World Vision International
– Alexandre Gusmão Foundation
– Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
– Embassy of the Netherlands